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What is IndiaJewelsMart?

No industry has been immune to the significant changes caused by digitization. The jewellery sector has remained relatively traditional, but given the intensifying battle for increasing sales without increasing inventory & costs, there are opportunities which jewellers can embrace to be more successful in this digital era.

With this in our minds, we introduce IndiaJewelsMart, an innovative one of its kind jewellery business application that intends to revolutionize jewellery trade with digital distribution as its core intention. The fundamental idea behind IndiaJewelsMart is to bring the power of innovation to thousands of jewellers across India and help them get access to huge amount of jewellery designs, customization options and enable them to source products while sitting at their stores at Zaveri Bazaar prices.

IJM is a combination of a web portal, a tablet based catalogue & an ordering system that works online. It focuses on seamlessly linking jewellery retailers with expert manufacturers located across traditional markets in India so that inventory is no longer a constraint to increase sales. It also enables our jeweller friends to take the customized orders from their customers before placing their orders.

This application has been developed by a team of industry experts with decades of experience working with big jewellery brands.